Strength & Conditioning

From our administration to our coaching staff, Buena Vista University is committed to providing a top-level environment for strength and conditioning training. 


  • To provide a well-designed, total training program based on sound physiological principles. Using a sport specific focus, safe and productive training methods are the primary emphasis.
  • To improve athletes' sports performance while reducing the risk of injury is the objective of this program. The goal is improved performance on the field, court, track and mat. 
  • Creating an atmosphere that leads to the physical and mental development of each individual athlete is the goal of the program.

Facilities and Equipment

  • 6,000 square foot weight room
  • 20 Power stations
  • 10 Olympic platforms
  • 10 Uesaka bumper plate sets
  • Complete set of dumbbells (5 to 150 pounds)
  • Multiple selectorized machines