Faculty Athletics Representatives

The Faculty Athletic Representative is:

  • A member of the faculty
  • A liaison between athletics and the university
  • An official representative of the institution in NCAA & IIAC affairs

Buena Vista University Faculty Athletic Representatives are:

  • Brittany Garling -  Assistant Professor of Education
  • Dr. Brad Best - Associate Professor of Political Science

Selection Process: 
The Academic Affairs Committee shall nominate the Faculty Athletic Representatives which shall be subject to approval of the Faculty Senate. 

Role of the Faculty Athletic Representative:
The role of the Faculty Athletic Representative is to ensure that the academic institution establishes and maintains a healthy and productive relationship between academics and intercollegiate athletics.

Duties of the Faculty Athletic Representative:

  • Facilitates communication among various campus entities, in particular between the athletics department and the faculty governance structure.
  • Promotes a balance between academics, athletics and the social lives of the student-athletes, which affords them opportunities to enjoy the full range of collegiate experiences available to students generally.
  • Submits student-athlete eligibility reports, competition reports and medical hardship requests to the conference office.
  • Attends IIAC & NCAA meetings.